Get them told……….


“When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” Zig Ziglar

“Get them told…..” is a phrase we often hear when somebody has upset or hurt us. We are talking to a friend about an injustice that has happened to us and what comes back may be “Get them told” or words to that effect.

I think the same should be true of people that make our lives easier, people that help us practically, that encourage us, that make life more fun, bearable, stable, pain free etc.

It is easy to assume that those people know how we feel about them but maybe today we need to “Get them told….”
You know who those people are in your life, whether it be family friends or colleagues, partners or relatives.

In life I often encounter people whose life has been affected by the words that people say to them, they have been told they are “failure”, “not good enough”, “ugly”, “stupid” etc. They have not had people tell them how great they are or how much they mean to someone.

I see it in the counselling room, with young people i have worked with, colleagues, friends and everywhere else that people are.

In my role as a Youth pastor I get the privilege of working with some tremendous young people. They inspire me, encourage me and challenge me each and every day, so I “get them told…..”.

I am always telling them ( and anyone else who will listen) how awesome that they are. I don’t do it for effect or because I think I should. I do it because it’s true. They are a talented and intelligent bunch but they are also thoughtful, caring, considerate, driven and creative people who are just excellent to be around.

I endeavour to let people who make my life better know the value that I place on them and the person that they are. I do feel though that I can be better and that sometimes I think I should get in touch with someone, but i decide to put it off until later.

I would like encourage you to think of those people in your lives who make it better and “Get them told”. Call them, text them, tweet, facebook or email them just get them told…….

Some people who you know, who you spend time with, who you may be friends with, are unaware of how great they are and possibly how great you think they are, and that just won’t do.

So stop what you’re doing and “Get them told…..”

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