Nostalgia……It’s not what it used to be.


I have often found myself drifting off to the past and reliving times of days gone by and more often than not I do so with fondness and affection.

Songs, words, sights and smells often take me into my memories and I slowly drift off into the past and a smile crosses my lips as I remember events at school, church, college, football and home.

With the memories of these times comes the memories of the people that I shared those golden days with.

Why is it that in my memories every day in the summer was red hot????

Memories of primary school sports days, trips to ‘Carlton camp’, football at the Astro or at St Josephs, Moving to St Michaels, Skiing trips, great memories of St Michaels, snowball fights, teachers and general laughter. Memoreies of Sixth form at Bede, moving to Lichfield and then onto Southport. Argyle Rd, The Cellar, Cream reserves (Double cup winning team), Scoring the equaliser and setting up the winner at Haig ave, Trips around the UK and Europe with Uniited, Great nights in Waverleys, Shoreline church and the memories of 12 fantastic years living and wrking in ‘The Port’. All of the people that I met and share memories and experiences with from those times. The friendships that have came from those times and more recently in Sedbergh and Lancaster.

Not all memories or positive of course but as I indulge myself and take another trip on the nostalgia express I find myself ever more thankful for the times that I shared with some fantastic people.

As always there is a hint of sadness at missed opportunities or at the fact that my adult self would approach things differently, and may have enhanced my experience or limited the hurt I may have caused to others.

As they say ‘Hindsight is a wonderful thing…….’ They do say that don’t they? Who are they? Whoever they are, I certainly find it to be a true statement.

Looking back brings a comfort and often it is like putting on an old familiar jumper, that makes you feel warm and snug. As I have said there is sometimes a hint of sadness or even regret as the times have passed and cannot be changed, ultimately they have led me to the place and person that I am today.

In this day and age of social media it is a great thing that nostalgia is no longer such a brutal companion as those people that we ‘did life with’ in the past are easy to connect with and keep updated on.

Through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc it is easy to stay in touch with the people that I have crossed paths with in this journey of life.

I love the fact that with a few clicks of a button or even without at times, see how those that I was once close to (in proximity or affection) are getting on and where life has taken them. I can comment on their statuses or like their updates and I genuinely feel that the link between the past and the present is much smaller.

It helps me to get a glimpse of how the story is continuing and feels less like one of those annoying films that finish without a satisfactory conclusion.

With all of this said I do still look back a lot and usually with a lot of fondness, and event though contact may not be what it once was between us, I am genuinely thankful for those people who have had an influence on my life.

To those people,  whether we are in frequent contact or not, I want to say….Thanks for the memories.

You stay classy

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