Never underestimate how valuable you are


I have just had an incredible weekend. I was involved in leading the youth (11-18) venue for a conference hosted in Lancaster by 10 local churches.

The conference was called ‘Landmark’ and the Youth venue was entitled ‘Resolute’.

Friday was launch night and after 16 months of preparation we had technical issues in the youth venue that meant we had no sound.

The band and the team adapted and made it work, after all we can hardly be called ‘Resolute’ if we crumble at the first bit of pressure can we?

Things got better from that point and the weekend and the conference were tremendous.

The talk on the Saturday morning was very encouraging, the title of which was “You are significant”.

There is something powerful about seeing young people being told that they are significant and that they do matter. There is even more power in seeing the same young people get hold of this message and start to believe it.

Too many young people. too many people generally in fact don’t always see or feel their significance.

You see, You are significant. People often don’t realise how signficant, valuable and brilliant that they are. They let other people, the government, the media or many other things define them. They let others define their class, their standards and ultimately their worth.

You see, YOU matter and you make a difference in this world.

Out of 100 million galaxies existing in 100 million star systems and out of 7 billion people you have your own genetic make up. Your thumb print is yours alone. You can create art, write a song, show people love, give gifts, display talent and much much more. You impact others on a daily basis, You are enormously significant.

You may not feel significant or you may spend your time comparing yourself to others, or accepting the identity that others place on you.

Don’t let your past define who you are, nor your mistakes, insecurities or your failures. Choose to accept and acknowledge the fact that you are unique, that you are influential and therefore you are significant.

I know that the people reading this will have many different beliefs, faiths and viewpoints.

I nailed my colours to the mast of “intelligent design” and acknowledged faith in God many years ago and believe that God made me to be significant and to have a positive impact where I can whilst I am here.

I believe that for you too. I believe that when God made you, he did a quality job.

I believe that you are significant.

How about you?




  1. philhendry · May 6, 2015

    Thanks for that Ian! It’s funny, I was hearing a very similar message through the talks I attended in other venues at the event. came away feeling better about myself than I have in months.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie Mann · May 6, 2015

    This is a very well thought out and well written explanation of a concept so simple it gets easily lost in life’s hard times. Thanks Ian.

    Liked by 1 person

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