It’s all about the feels

“Long after people have forgotten what you said, they will remember how you made them feel”

Who was your favourite teacher?

What was your favourite lesson that they taught?

The first question should be fairly straight forward for most of us to answer. A teacher that we remember fondly.

The second question will for most of us prove more difficult.

This is because how people make us feel is much more memorable than what they said.

My favourite teacher was so because she encouraged me, praised me and ultimately inspired me. I tried harder in her lessons because she had showed me value and helped me realise that I could do it.

She was and English teacher and I still remember her pulling me to one side and telling me that she could see a real talent in my creative writing. She said that she didn’t highlight it in front of the class as she recognised that it might not be good for my “Credibility” with “the lads” if she was telling the class of  my ability to paint emotive pictures with my words.

I was impressed firsty because she had cared enough about my feelings to talk to me privately and secondly because she believed in me and wanted me to hone the talent that I had.

That lesson when this teacher took me to one side is the only lesson that I remember her teaching me, but I remember to this day how she made me feel.

In my job I get to talk a lot about lessons of life, love, faith and other mysteries but I know full well that as important as those lessons might be right now, it is how I make people feel that will have the lasting impression.

My ambition in life is simply to be a positive influence.

I aim to make each person that I come into contact with feel valued.

I believe with everything that is within me that each person that has ever, or will ever walk on this planet is created with a purpose. I want each person to realise just how special and valuable they are.

For the people that you come into contact with, how you make them feel will have greater influence than what you say.

This isn’t to say that what we say isn’t valuable, because often it is our words that cause people to feel.

Go and make someone feel good.


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