What have you got to be so happy about?



Today I feel happy.

It all started this morning when I got up at 7:30am and the sun was shining and I felt myself smile. I don’t know if me smiling is an unusual thing, but I noticed it.

I then thought about about the reason I was up so early. I was up to run. I am sure at that moment, the smile left my face. I then went through the almost daily internal dialogue of why I should or should not run today. “You need to run” “Rest is best” “Running is good for you” “Is that a twinge in my calf” etc etc.

As is more frequent nowadays the voice telling me to run won the argument and off I went. I didn’t feel very happy during the run but as is always the case I felt happy once it was done.

At 10:10am I was on my way to work, the sun shining and the radio pumping out musical gold. At that point I was once again made aware of how happy I was feeling.

It was then that I started to think of all of the things that I have to be happy about.

I thought about my wife, Kate. The way she accepts me and loves me in a way that is beyond my understanding. The way she shows me that love continually through her words and her actions. In the 11 years that we have been together she has been a tremendous example to me in showing others value and consistently modelling integrity. Thinking of Kate makes me smile.

I thought about my family. The people who I am genetically connected to, those that have known me the longest, the people that have shaped, educated and loved me my entire life. I thought about the fun stories, the behaviours that we share that mark us out as family. I thought about the things that impress me about my family and happy I am that we are family.

I thought about my friends. I have friends that I have known since childhood and many others that I have met since. I have friends that I see frequently and others that I haven’t seen for years. I have friends that I am in regular contact with and those that I rarely or never speak to. There are many incredble people that I get to call friends. The people that encourage me, support me, challenge me and inspire me because somewhere in this journey of life we spent time together, or had a shared experience. My friends are tremendous and I value each one of you. Those people that I may not speak to for years, yet when we are together again it is like we have never been apart. I was happy thinking about the people that I have shared adventure and life with.Friendship makes me happy

I thought about my job. The young people that I get to work with. The brave, intelligent, caring, creative, inspirational, fun people that are attached to STY:LE. They truly are an extraordinary group of individuals. The way they question, serve, relate and influence is a real blessing.I thought about all of the memories and laughter that have been wrapped up in the last 28 months of working with this group of Legends. I then thought about my colleagues and their encouragement and support. I thought about the example that they are and the passion that they show.

I looked out of the windows as I drove. I looked at the howgills and the beautiful scenery. We get to live in a beautiful part of the world and each day I marvel at it.



I thought about many other things on the drive to work this morning. The things that make me smile and the things that I am thankful for in my life. I was driving to work and I was happy.

My life has challenges, many of those challenges will fit into the things that I have talked about. Life isn’t perfect and there are things that we can bring to mind that will cause us tension and anxiety. The truth is that this blog entry could have been about all the things in life that cause me challenge and tension. It is often easier to focus on those things. It is easier to occupy our thoughts with the things that would keep us from being happy. Today the sun made me smile. The sunshine makes things seem better. But from there I thought about the positive things in my life, and before I knew it I was so happy that I understood what a room without a roof feels like.

You will undoubtedly have things in your life right now that make you frown or even wince. But what have you got in your life that makes you smile?

Today I chose to be happy.

So, what have you got to be so happy about?






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